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Senior Advisory Board

SATConsult has assembled a world-class senior advisory board consisting of six high-profile satellite industry professionals having held senior management positions in the satellite manufacturing and satellite operations sectors. SATConsult leverages their expertise to advise us both generally as well as on specific customer assignments.

  • Jean Pierre BOUTES
    Jean-Pierre BOUTES has more than 36 years’ experience in the satellite telecommunications business. He can boast a multidisciplinary expertise in satellite and telecommunications covering technical, regulatory and business aspects. He is an experienced negotiator as supplier, customer in both commercial and institutional environments. He has a solid network of contacts within the satellite industry (operators, institutions, satellite and ground segment manufacturers) and is capable of designing an end-to-end telecommunication system, of performing the technical assessment of a business model. He can manage, support a winning proposal effort and sales campaign or monitor a satellite program. Having experience with both regulatory (e.g. ITU) and standardization (e.g. ETSI) bodies, Mr. BOUTES is a former EADS Astrium executive, a company where he held increasingly senior-level management positions within the Telecommunications Satellites business unit.
    Mr. BOUTES graduated from the French Ecole Supérieure d’Electricité (Paris) in 1973.
  • Pierre FRAISE
    Pierre FRAISE has some 40 years of experience in space activities He started his career as an engineer in a microwave laboratory, developing filters, MUXes, receivers for satellite programs. In this role, he was a remarkable pioneer in payload design and development. He developed and manufactured several payload equipments for several satellite programs like Telecom 1, ECS/Eutelsat 1, and Marecs/Inmarsat 1. Then, he was part of the team which designed and developed the Globalstar concept from which he derived the SkyBridge multimedia satellite concept. Lastly, he occupied different technical and management posts at Thales Alenia Space and recently occupied the position of System and Payload Engineer with O3B Networks.
    Mr. FRAISE graduated from the French Ecole Supérieure d’Electricité (Paris) in 1971.
  • Jean-Marie ROBERT
    Jean-Marie ROBERT has been working for SATConsult since 2009. He can boast more than 30 years of experience in space activities. As such, he has acquired an exceptional experience in and practical knowledge of international space programs with an emphasis on system design, technology choices, technical and programmatic assessments. Mr. ROBERT’s professional experience includes the design, development, qualification, launch and operation of 37 telecommunication satellites, including that of the AlphaBus platform (being jointly developed with EADS Astrium). He was also deeply involved in the design, development and qualification of the Spacebus 4000 platform. At the end of his career with Thales Alenia Space, Mr. ROBERT served as the company’s Vice President, Telecommunications Satellites and Systems.
    Mr. ROBERT graduated in 1972 from the French Aeronautical and Space School (ISAE) in Toulouse as well as from the High School of Chronometric and Micromechanic of Besançon (1971).
  • Jacques NERON
    Jacques NERON has thirty years of experience in space industry at satellite system level. He is specialized in engineering, proposal management, project management & product development.
    Before becoming consultant, Mr. Neron has worked for several major organizations such as ESA, Astrium and one of YahSat's program. He has also spent two years as an internal consultant, providing expertise in these fields and acquiring dedicated expertise in specific activities such as training, coaching, and interim management.
    Mr. NERON graduated as an engineer from the French Ecole Nationale Supérieure de l'Aéronautique et de l'Espace.
  • Jean-Louis SOULA
    Jean-Louis SOULA cumulates 36 years of experience in the satellite domain crossing numerous technical and program management activities. Through his various posts in the satellite industry, he covered a very large spectrum of responsibilities, mainly in the system, antenna and payload fields.
    Mr. SOULA has spent most of his career at Thales Alenia Space. His last job before leaving the company in 2010 was Operations Director for Payload Assembly, Integration and Tests. Before that, he acted as the company’s Director of Payload Engineering Department within the Telecommunication Programs business unit for several years.
    Mr. SOULA graduated in 1974 from the French Aeronautical and Space School (ISAE) in Toulouse.